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Ulrich has a very unique and innovative coaching and mentoring approach. It is not a group format. It is strictly one-on-one with me personally. Every session is focused specifically on you and your professional development.

Typically, our coaching and mentoring relationship begins with an exploratory session, through which we both determine whether the relationship is a good fit. After the exploratory session, if we decide to work together, the next session is a more thorough foundation assessment session.

The foundation assessment session helps build our relationship Ė one that requires trust, courage, and honesty on both sides. You and I will focus on your agenda. Whatís most important to you? Where are you stuck? What skills do you need? What comes first? Finally, we agree on frequency and location of future sessions.

Frequency is usually weekly. Each session is at least one half hour to forty five minutes. Our sessions can be by telephone or in person. Each session will be conducted by me personally.

Ulrich's coaching and mentoring program does not require a contractual agreement. There is no required time line. Each session is paid for individually. If at any time you decide not to continue no additional fess or payments will be required.

In summary the uniqueness of MSIís program:

  1. You will always be dealing with me, Ulrich Leinhase.
  2. You are not required to sign a contractual agreement.
  3. You pay for each session individually.
  4. You set the schedule.
  5. You come until you accomplish your goal.
  6. You are in total control.

What else can you tell me so I can better help you achieve your goals?
   Coaching and Mentoring Program $125.00 per session

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