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Whether you’re looking for an opening or closing keynote speaker or general session speaker, Ulrich will exceed your expectations.

Ulrich’s presentations are focused directly on selling professionals whose income is based solely on performance and customer satisfaction.

Ulrich teaches salespeople how to enhance their sensory acuity so they will be able to quickly identify their customer's buying strategy. It's done by using Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques, along with imbedded commands, and then using these tools to pass buying information to their customer using subliminal messaging. That is a very sophisticated way to help customers buy what they really want. Using these skills sales come together naturally without using hard closing techniques and everyone enjoys the process.

Hire Ulrich and bring his energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to work for your organization. Ulrich's presentations are educational, memorable, and a motivational experience.

Contact us at (904) 891.8589.

Ulrich Leinhase

Ulrich Leinhase

Ulrich’s presentations are more then just a feel good motivational event. His presentations are hands-on, interactive and a learning experience that build confidence and provide new skills salespeople will use to make more sales.

Ulrich's presentations are more then just a feel good motivational event. His Subliminal Selling Secrets™ Workshop is a hands-on, interactive learning experience building confidence and providing new skills salespeople will use to make more sales.

Once the Subliminal Selling Secrets™ techniques are learned, salespeople will do their best more often and salespeople doing their best more often make more sales. That's what the Subliminal Selling Secrets™ Workshop is about.

For your next training event remember what Albert Einstein said about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you are looking for a memorable, educational and motivational speaker that weaves a little humor into his communication, people, and selling skills presentation we need to talk.

Here is your opportunity, call me on my cell 904.716.1945 and we'll chat about bringing my Subliminal Selling Secrets™ presentation to you and make a measurable difference at your company. Let's do it now!

On-Site Training Solutions

Bring Ulrich's Subliminal Selling Secrets™ Complete Transformation™, or Master Communication seminars to your organization. You'll show your sales team you are serious about their professional growth.

On site training is the best way to train your sales team, department or company for less than the cost of a traditional public seminar.

This is really just the beginning of some very big things for your sales team if you choose it. Imagine for a moment your company's future and achieving all those great milestones that have been churning in the back of your mind. Think about where your company would be, looking back from a year's time. When you are doing that, not now, but imagining you are doing it in the future then you already know Ulrich's presentation is exactly the right thing.

Ulrich is available for: Keynote Presentations; Conventions; Conferences; Seminars and Workshops. You can hire Ulrich Leinhase directly through his office.

Select your date and call Ulrich’s office to see if he's available. Confirm your venue. Confirm Ulrich as your speaker. Set your promotion into motion with people, tasks and timelines.

Contact Ulrich Leinhase: Maximum Success, Incorporated
PO Box 600794
St Johns, FL  32260
Office: 904.891.8589
Cell: 904.716.1945

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